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The Millers have been in bedded into the West Seattle Community for nearly a Century. From Herman to Current owner and operated Jack Miller, their family has lived, breathed and served West Seattle since 1932. Here is a short summarized history as told by Jack Miller about Husky deli: 

Jack's Grand father Herman was from "Crew" Indiana and one of 8 brothers. Herman left to go to Washington to set up a cattle breeding operation near Yakima, called white bluffs. There he worked for a couple of year before he sold the ranch and took up a job selling refrigerators with "calvator refrigerators". During this time Herman was looking for a spot to call his own and in California Ave there was a little place called B"aily edge wood farms" (which is now where the "Arts West" Store is located. When Herman brought this store it was during the time when people went shopping every day. There were at least 5 other grocery stores within the same block such as "Safeway", "AMP".

Herman brought this property during tough times and things did not look to promising for Herman's new venture until he saw an advertisement for a program run through the Seattle Public Schools. This program was to make little Ice cream Cones for the children's lunch's, after inversting in a second hand Ice Cream makers and learning quickly Herman began to make small cones which he called "Husky's" , Jack describes them "kinda like a little nutty-butty", they where vanilla ice cream, dipped in chocolate and rolled in nuts.

About 1936 and seeing the success that his Ice Cream saw with the Seattle Schools Program Herman decided to have a draw to name his Ice cream, and in true Herman form he did not like anything that came out of the draw so he decided to just stick with "Husky", which we think is what he wanted to do anyway!! but Herman was always one to here what the community had to say hence the wish to have the West Seattle input ideas. From there "Herman trade marked as much Husky things as he could" said Jack. At this point he also decided on the established iconic Purple and Gold coloring.

After the siuccess of the Seattle Schools Program Herman decided to buy a new ice cream machine and placed this proudly in the front window of the store so passers by could see the magic happen right before their eye. However it didn't take too long before the rest of the family members decided that making Ice cream in the front window of the store wasn't the most productive things to do!!  so moved it into the back away from the gazing public.

During the war Aunt Alice was there holding down the fort. Handing out Coupons and making the business work as best they could giving to the War.  When Herman and his brothers returned they came back with a vision and that vision was to turn Husky into a deli. they started this process but it wasn't till the 50's that they where able to start selling the meats and cheeses over the counter.

Husky Deli's core vision has not changed since then, and has been molded through 3 generations of Miller owners into what you see today. And plans don't stop there as the 4th and 5th generation owners are already in the wings to keep providing for the West Seattle community and surrounding area.

People have often asked why Husky Deli is something that the whole family have been apart of. Some family members will say "well we had to!!" but really Husky deli is what we are, it keeps our family close, its something every member in the family has been apart of, worked and molded and influenced in their own way and from this comes what you see today. Its a place where we can go and see family members, or even meet our friends, even the kids who work there come in on their days off because they want to hang out there. And who would not want to spend your days with your family and your friends, its like a party every day and we always get to meet new people to the area, make new friendships and in some cases make the family bigger by finding the "gal' or "guy" of their dreams.

West Seattle has also given so much to this family, it has schooled our children through the public and private schooling systems, its given us homes and new friends. Its such a cool place to live its just not like anywhere else, its unique. We don't have huge mall's here, we have The Junction its where you go. You have amazing business all around here, all unique in their own way, its truly special place to live. People identify with West Seattle because people are proud of it and they want to live here for this community and family orientated feeling that flows through The Junction and West Seattle and we are glad to be apart of t, and hope to be for a long time to come.


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